Inlay Work

Here are some pictures of an inlay Jeff did recently on a Mallia Expression bass. The inlay used a combination of mother-of-pearl and tortoise shell, to create a nice contrast between the vine and the leaves.

We found these while going through some old order information and thought you might enjoy them!

Inlay image Inlay image

Some new bass billets have arrived!

buckeye burl

Some nicely figured buckeye burl.

Some new bass billets have arrived! This is the first of the two. Photos of the other one to follow. This buckeye burl will come up nicely, but it will need some love to get the best out of it. The roughness of the surface indicates that it was most likely cut before it was fully dried. There is some very nice figure in this piece but I’ve also got to work around some of the obvious imperfections here. It will be worth it, because the end result is going to look amazing. Fun times ahead!