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The thing I truly love about being a luthier is the freedom of expression it embodies. I just adore the freedom to choose materials based on their physical qualities and aesthetic beauty - and then craft them into something functional and beautiful.

An engineer at my core, I design and craft everything I create based firstly and strictly on functionality.

I believe as a maker of any musical instrument, you are making for two audiences - the artist who plays the instrument - and the people who hear and see them perform. Sonically and visually you are communicating to both audiences whenever your instrument is played. This is at the forefront of my thinking during the design and crafting of anything I do.

"Sonically and visually you are communicating to both audiences (artist and audience) whenever your instrument is played."

Most of my early instruments were through-neck designs. These earlier models were influenced by Alembic, Ned Steinberger's ideas and others. Over time, I've developed and added to these, and those - along with 26 years of experience - has fed into the construction features that I've developed.

A summary of some of my design and construction features that I've developed over the two and-a-half decades include the following:

White board

My current bass models are all derived as a direct evolution of many of these construction features. If you have any queries about the models that I build, you can get a feel for my base models here. If I am currently quoting a design for you, and you have any questions based on the above information, or how it fits in to your bass, you can contact me either directly or through my web form.